R40 - more modifications

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R40 - more modifications

Post by panterlo » Sun Apr 26, 2020 5:18 am

Sharing the modifications I have done so far on my R40:

#1 USB-sockets right to the Simrad 12" NSS EVO3 screens to power iPad + holder. Even if I have dual Simrad NSS EVO3 12" screens I find the iPad to be way quicker to handle at least charting.

#2 Conversion of the sofa in the master cabin to an extra bed for kids.

#3 Simmarine battery monitoring and installation of tank sensors for integration. I noticed that Bavaria actually uses a way to short tank sensor for the gray water thank, the orginal is 200 mm but you can install up to 250 mm. If you ever noticed that Bavaria display will actually stay at 0% for the grey water until about 50-60 mm of fluid is in the tank. Same goes for the water tank sensor, the orginal is 500 mm but you can install easily 550 or 600 mm of sensor. Same goes here that Bavaria will think the tank is empty at 0% but the tank actually holds additional 100 mm of water.

#4 PWM- and engine room fan / blowers to control fan speed and shut off the fans after the engines power off or only running the generator (my boat have some sort of timer like 20-30 minutes were the fans were running 20-30 minutes after you shut off the ignition to the engines or generator which was a mess). Bavaria also have had severe issues with the fans, I have changed 6 fans over 180 hours and this year I got a newer fan model and with PWM I am reducing the speed to 60-70% to prolong life-length of the fans.

#5 Solar panel 2x110W and regulator with 3M adhesive on the roof. Even if I have a generator I find that my batteries last about 2.5 days and the generator needs to run 2-4 hours per day to really make up for this. Cooking meals we typically only use the generator for about 1 hour and the dishwasher is only used maybe every second day the solar panels make sure we don't get below 50% of the battery level.

#6 Glomex 4G internet antenna is using Teltonika RUT950 router which is slow and has a lot of issues / customer complaints so I upgraded to a Teltonika RUTX11 and new antenna QuSpot for Teltonika RUTX11. This way I can enjoy higher speeds and a more reliable internet on the boat.

#7 IR-camera in the engine room connected to the 2xSimrad NSS EVO3 screens that my boat came with.

#8 The orginal electric stovetop is really a bad one. I ordered a two zone induction stovetop from IKEA that I way better and cook way faster and there are no issues with enough power for the replacement.

#9 Drilled drainage under the BBQ since I noticed large amount of water in the storage that was coming from the water and drainage to the BBQ. When I removed the BBQ last year I noticed large amount of water in the steel structure holding the BBQ.

#10 Two silencers for the Webasto heater. This reduces sound heavily and you can sleep and have the heater running without getting annoyed.

#11 Extra sound isolation in the engine room.

#12 Leaking water into the roof. Noticed it started to drip at the drivers seat above the throttle in the sealant. A cheap endcope USB-camera showed that there was a lot of water in the hollow space in the roof. After removing the TV-antenna, internet antenna, horn and the radar antenna I noticed very little sealant and none for the internet and TV-antenna. After fixing this and removing the water with a suction pipe I haven't had any issues.

#13 Leaking water from the window starboard side of the drivers seat. This is mostly caused with dirt etc being collected in the small space between the windows. There are holes in the windows that should act as drainage but if you get dirt etc in the space between water will not get away and it may appear leaking inside the boat.

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