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R40 Below waterline thru-hull locations

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:30 am
When I got my boat I took photos of the below waterline thru-hulls. Since then I even swapped the raw water a/c one by a bronze type with a scoop. I am sharing the photos here in case it is useful to another R40 owner.

This picture shows the depth-temperature sensor thru-hull (black) and the original a/c thru-hull (white). Since acquiring the boat I replaced the a/c one by one made of bronze and with a scoop, a/c pumps as not self priming and a scoop is recommended.
This picture shows three thru-hulls, the one on the side handles gray water from bathroom sink and is above waterline. The two on the bottom are the blackwater one and the return for the two cabin a/c units. It is worth noting that these two have valves located in the master head, disguised behind the cabinet to the right of the toilet seat.
This picture shows two thru-hulls used by the generator. The one with a scoop pointing to the stern is the water intake, here the ideal would be to not have a scoop, but as it is pointing to the stern I kept it to avoid damaging the hull when removing it. The other one is the generator sea water return.