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Too big to care

Post by Tony » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:05 am

Has anyone had any success in contacting Bavaria, Volvo or Exide?

I ask this because of three problems I have had and have with my 2015 Cruiser 33.

There are four batteries on my boat, three leisure and one engine and I would like to know why Bavaria has put stop-start batteries for leisure and a leisure for the engine. Contact Bavaria and no answer, not even an acknowledgement. Contact Exide for the reason and ask if those batteries are suitable for the job they are given and no answer. I have taken the batteries to be tested because they do not last all night even though the only load is the water pump used twice for washing hands after toilet.

Volvo supply engines to the Bavaria factory who fit them into the the boats. Volvo place a label to show where the battery earth should be attached and ask for the label to be removed when the earth is attached. Last week I was informed by the local volvo engineer who I had enguaged to investigate why I have had a long term problem starting the engine that the label was still attached to the block and that the earth was attached to the gear box.

These companies do not want to be contacted by mere customers. How can they know when things go wrong with their supply and service chains if they rely on their agents to feed back information.

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