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All Members Please Read

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:58 pm
Four simple rules for us all to get along:

1. Respect all opinions. You may disagree with a comment but we have ZERO tolerance for hateful comments.

2. Before posting a question, check if anyone has already asked it using the search.

3. Stay on topic. Save all other conversations for the General Chat forum.

4. Check the most recent comment before replying to an older comment. Your question may already have been answered.

Since this is going to come up:

To get more precise responses to your questions there are two things that you will should consider including in your profile/signature. Your location (this will help other members know if your boat is in salt water and if you will need to winterize it). The second is the year, model, and motor/drive of your boat. If a new member joins take a second to remind them to complete their signature with this information.