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Post by Bryan » Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:21 am

Hi all,
I have several very basic questions...
I have just bought a second-hand Bavaria 42', and am finding my way around the boat as I go.
I'll start with the refrigerator. Wondering why it seemed to work on a sailing trip, but doesn't seem to chill while in port on land power?

Second question my bilge doesn't seem to draw water out, although it seems to be running. I am planning to take the pump apart and clean it. Anything I should know in advance?

Also what cocks or valves should I close (or open) if I leave port for a sail?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Perth, Western Australia

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Re: refrigerator

Post by rpontual » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:10 pm


My guess is that your refrigerator is connected to 12 Volts and you are turning your batteries off when docked. I have a R40 boat that the refrigerator is connected only to 12 Volts.

The refrigerator on my boat is dual voltage, but Bavaria only connected the 12 Volts. Hence, if this assertion is correct you can solve it by connecting the ac voltage line to refrigerator (make sure it is 110V or 220V before connecting). Another alternative is to leave the house battery ON when docked, this is what I do.

Bilge Pump

The bilge pump should pump water out to a limit, it does not pump out to the point that the bilge is totally empty. Please provide the model of your pump and/or picture for the folks here to comment.


I open all but the waste water seacock. The waste water seacock I only open when I plan to empty the black water tank.

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