Grill modifications (sail or motor boats)

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Grill modifications (sail or motor boats)

Post by ARPE » Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:20 pm

I am new to Bavaria but I am surprised with the options they pick for grill. So far I have seen grill units without cover and without any provisions to reduce smoke. While smoke is a minor issue for units mounted outside the boat, the lack of cover prevents using them as oven.

I have experience with the Floridian Kenyon Grill (click here for the manual), which is smoke-free and has a removable cover. Because it was installed in the galley of my former boat, being smoke-free was a must. I found myself using it primarily to heat up cooked finger food, the removable cover created a perfect warming oven.

I am posting this here for you that are considering modifications to your boat. The reduction of smoke from water (or beer) to prevent drip smoke and the covered lid, plus the ability to close the lid warm it and use as an oven appears to me as a big improvement particularly to boats that have the grill in the interior area such as the galley.
grill no cover.jpg
grill show water.jpg
grill with lid.jpg
grill with food.jpg
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