Fresh water leak

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Fresh water leak

Post by ARPE » Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:41 am

I found my bilge with water and started looking for the source. It turns out that the leak was on a quick connector that connects the blue pipe to fresh water tank heater. The leak was on the thread side, not on the quick connect side.

The water seal is achieved with an o-ring, there isn’t any seal applied to the threads. I was able to fix the issue by simplying applying torque.

The picture shows two blue pipes, the leak occurred in the one that is closer to a red cap. The metal part that the white adaptor is attached is slightly different than others, it does not have a “flange”. May because of that you can see the black o-ring between the white adaptor and the metal piece. For now there was no need to use teflon tape or something else, but if it happens again I will move away from the o-ring as the only seal solution.
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Re: Fresh water leak

Post by chbuhagiar » Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:07 am

I had a leak in the calorifier some time again too. The second blue pipe that goes back to the water tank outlet comes out from the pressure release value of the calorifier. I too was intrigued by the fact the the pushfit fittings connecting this pipe didn't have the metalic sleeve that secures the pipe in the fitting.
Probably it's a safety feature so that just in case the water tank happens to be full, it will release itself on to the bilge.

Just my thought because all the other fittings have got the locking sleeve in them

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