Boat Buyer looking for help

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Boat Buyer looking for help

Post by eagleno » Tue Nov 19, 2019 10:14 pm

Good evening, I am looking to move from my beloved Hans Christian sailing vessel to a power boat in the 40-50 ft range. I like the look and feel of the Bavaria R series but very interested in user feedback on the build and quality of the boats, as well as maintenance and support in the USA. There seems to be very little information about such things as hull construction, deck joints, longevity, stainless steel quality, bronze or plastic through hulls etc On the one hand, I understand these are designed & built in Germany so I sense strength and quality. On the other had the few opinions I could find on the cruisers forum suggested a mass production build cutting corners and using the lowest cost materials to keep costs down, resulting in potentially unsafe bots and heavy maintenance costs after only a few years.
I would find builder and user reviews on their experience and thoughts on the build quality, strength and support of Bavaria Yachts vey helpful. Thank you.

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Re: Boat Buyer looking for help

Post by ARPE » Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:31 am

I have an R40 and I am pretty satisfied with it.

The hull and deck joints seem solid, I had not encountered any issue related to this and never heard of another user that had it.

All my through hulls are bronze and seem ok, they are not “seacocks”. They are through hulls connected to in-line bronze valves.

The stainless steel is fine and shows no signs of aging or corrosion. I did find a handful of screws on the engine room that were not SS, I replaced them myself.

As for maintenance I am using the equipment warranties and using certified Volvo and Kohler service providers for regular stuff. Local dealer helped a couple of time to enforce a device warranty.
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