Adding an anchor safety wire

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Adding an anchor safety wire

Post by ARPE » Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:17 pm

Bavaria builds the R40 with an anchor/windlass system that lacks a mechanical safety mechanism to prevent an accidental anchor deployment. As such an accident could be catastrophic if the boat is underway, I decided to add one to mine. I purchased the Lewmar safety strap from WestMarine, I like the hardware and the fact that the steel cable is covered with PVC.
The installation was pretty simple, a hole, a bit of 4200 to seal the wood and help secure the parts. I added one nut and two larger washers to end up with a nut and a washer on top and the same on the bottom. When choosing the location I picked one away from the wood reinforcement edges and at the same time a location that allows for the steel cable to curve nicely when in use.
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