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R40 electric wiring

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:54 am
by panterlo
Hi all,

Have anyone wired anything from the circuit panel (behind the stairs) to the helmet and/or the engine room ? I basically are trying to do two things:

A) I am trying to determine the easiest wiring path from the helmet (behind the navigation panel) to the engine room because I want to add a engine room IR-camera.

B) I am trying to determine if there is an easy wiring path from the electric panel (behind the stairs) to the helmet. I know there is an access duct behind the cabinet on the starboard side in the master cabin but I can't find how the heck I loop through the electric panel.

Re: R40 electric wiring

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 12:17 am
I already opened several of those panels, I am not sure where you are planning to pull wires.

1) Engine room - to Galley
I installed speakers by the swim platform, I pulled the speaker wires through the engine room port side. After removing the refrigerator it was easy to find a hole to pull the wires from engine room to galley area behind the refrigerator.

2) Behind refrigerator I pulled speaker wires to behind the drawer where they install the optional dishwasher.

3) Because I was lazy, I used the dishwasher power wires to power a subwoofer that I located in the place the dishwasher was supposed to be. Under the stairs I moved the dishwasher wire to a 12V point (originally it was configured to 110V).

If this helps I can add details and photos.


I plan to pull a wire from the stairs to the helm (behind the displays). I previously opened the floor under the carpet that is in front of the stairs and the floor under the carpet that is in the master bedroom. From memory this seems the way to get to the helm.

Re: R40 electric wiring

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:02 am
by panterlo
Thanks, have you find a way to wire from the engine room starboard side to the helmet (where you have the navigation displays) instead of port side ?

Can't recall but isn't the carpet glued to the floor ?

This image is from the electric distribution panel (behind the stairs), the big hole seems to go under the floor like you are pointing out.
Image from iOS (39).jpg

Re: R40 electric wiring

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:21 pm
The carpet is secured by a double sided tape. You can remove it and reused few times.

There are removable wooden doors below certain areas. In the aft cabin it hides the a/c, you will need to open it to clean the filter.

The hall in front of the stairs have a large wooden cover. It hides the black water tank, some pipes and pumps and wires.

In the master cabin, close to the head, there are two wooden doors. Useful to access sump pumps and to pull wires.

I will look for photos...

Re: R40 electric wiring

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:17 pm
by panterlo
Some updates....

Didn't remove the carpet fully today but tried to find if there is any duct leading from the circuit board (under the stairs) to the starboard side cabinet in the master bedroom (behind the white wall which can be opened). The cabinet then leads to the helmet so I just need to find a way to get to this side. Do you happen to know if the solution is to remove the carpet in the hall way (where the black water tank is) ? Or is it the carpet in the step down to the master cabin ? Want to avoid tearing up all carpets just to find the wiring path :(
I also tried a few things to wire between the helmet to the engine room on the starboard side. It seems to be a large duct but the only way to reach is seems to be behind the cabinet in the master bedroom. I took the photo below. It's very very tight so I wonder if there is any other place where this duct can be more easily accessed on the way to the engine room. The sofa in the galley doesn't get access to the duct.

Re: R40 electric wiring

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 5:09 pm
I do not recall a wiring duct that connects the panel under the stairs with the helm station. The cabinet in the starboard side of the master bedroom has an a/c duct and wires related to a/c unit, I do not recall seeing the many wires needed for the helm station.

Once I wanted to install a XM antenna on the mast to get to my gpsplotter, a person from Bavaria gave me instructions how to pull the wire: "In the engine department you go to the starboard side. Then you go into your aft cabin and remove the rear wall in the closet and stick something like a pull wire to the back until you can see it in the engine department and the fix the cable of you antenna on it to get it in the aft cabin. Then you remove the rear wall behind the mirror in the bathroom, pull the cable there. Then you remove the black plate on your helm station panel and try to get the cable up from there." I found an alternate solution, but this may work for you.

These photos may be useful:

Re: R40 electric wiring

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:18 pm
by panterlo
After talking to a few people that have made modifications to R40 and spending a day at the boat I now know exactly how the ducts works.

A) If you want to use the starboard side there is a duct above the fuel tank that holds a few cables. Make sure you use a towrope of larger size (have to be sturdy). Open the panel behind the cabinet in the aft cabin on the starboard side. You have be two people for this but if you carefully route the towrope right this get's simple.

B) If you want to loop to the helmet you simple remove the helmet panel, put the towrope through the cable duct (that contains all the cables) and it will come through on the cabinet as explained on A).

C) If you want to loop to the circuit board under the stairs it get's slightly more complicated. Remove the floor carpet on the first step to the aft cabin. There is a wooden cover which you have to remove. Second step is to remove the cover in the bathroom on starboard side. The panel is just "clicked" so just pop it out by being gentle on all corners. You will see the existing cables being routed. From this location you can route the cable to cabinet in the aft cabin and continue through the floor to the circuitboard.

I installed today a IR-camera in the engine room and started to loop a separate 12V circuit for some new electronics in the helmet. Will post images later.