How do you get weather, wake and wind information?

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How do you get weather, wake and wind information?

Post by ARPE » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:11 am

I thought that sharing this information would help all of us to converge to the best apps or information sites.

Please contribute with other sources you might have ;) ...

Here are the sources I have been using:

1) MyRadar Pro (IOS App)
I like it mostly for short term near real time. For example, I can visually see that a storm is approaching

2) Windfinder Pro (iOS App), there is also (HTML)
This app gives in a graphical way and the numeric values for wind, temperature, weather, waves, tides.

3) Outcast (IOS App for iPhone)
This app provides interesting NOAA Marine Forecast in text format
Be sure to tap on the menu and to select marine forecast.

4) BoatUS (iOS APP)
Provides information on current wind, temperature and tide

5) Boat Weather (iOs App)
Provides forecast for temperature, wind and wind direction

6) Buoyweather (iOS App)
Provides wind, wave and tide forecast, interface is pretty interesting

7) (HTML)
This is the national weather service, it takes a bit of time to figure how to use it. Once figured out it is quite interesting.
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